About Us


FoMo411 is a 501(c)3 organization that houses the Parricide Prevention Institute.  We also work with organizations and individuals to use mediation and education to resolve problems due to conflicts.

Parricide Prevention Institute

The Parricide Prevention Institute  conducts statistically grounded research to provide insights into parricide offenses and offenders. Additionally we are working to identify warning signs for parents to help them make decisions that can keep them safe. Our mission: first, increase awareness of why kids kill their parents and second, ensure the courts and treatment providers have the tools they need to treat them. Then these offenders can receive effective treatment as they move through the legal system.  Hence, our goal is to provide parents, treatment providers, and the legal system the tools they need.

Current, Up-To-Date Data

The PPI owns what is said to be the most comprehensive data set in the United States. It contains over 1,700 recent parricide cases, along with details about each of the victims and the offenders. Using this data set, we can conduct robust research to help develop a clearer picture of the parricide offender. Additionally, parents, legal professionals, and treatment providers will develop a clearer understanding of those who commit this offense.


Conflict makes life difficult. Mediation can help create a place to resolve your ongoing conflict which can save time, money, and grief. It’s effective for both organizations and people. If you or your organization is experiencing conflict then give us a call. We’d love to help!